Guido Mazzinghi, older brother of Sandro, was also him an excellent boxer who distinguished himself distinguished both between the amateurs and the professionals, like medium weight in this last category. Guido Mazzinghi is born to Pontedera 14 May 1932; during his boxing career he has been the Italian representative at the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952 for the category of the heavy weights welters, Italian Champion amateurs always for the same category to Bologna in 1953 and and Champion of Italy in the professionals category in the medium weights from 1956 to 1958.

CGained the Italian title of the medium weights in a strongly way against Bruno Tripodi and among the affirmations of greater prestige must be remembered his victories obtained against Ali Amrane, Antonio Lopez, Louis Mourros, Stanis Pasek, Georges Braco, Costant Alcantara, Aristide Of the Piaz, Gino Rossi, Manuel Correa, Serge Leveque, Claude Milazzo, Gabriel Assaga, Jean Ruellet, Ahmed Boulgroune, Ilde warusfel and Heinz Jattler.

Strongly equipped physically and with a good fist, in possession of a good technique, after a honorable boxing career it has been dedicated in the successive years to follow the young and much promising brother Sandro. He learned the counsels, the suggestions, obtained during his own experience of boxer, that they have contributed in part to smooth to Sandro the road towards the success.

Palmares Guido Mazzinghi - Professionismo
Vinti 34 ko18 persi 1 totali 35

Date Opponent Location Result
1954-10-08 Andre Ponceblanc Milan, Italy W PTS 4
1954-11-10 Pierre Binder Milan, Italy W PTS 6
1954-12-15 Marcel Savey Milan, Italy W KO 4
1955-02-02 Mohammed Taibi Florence, Italy W PTS 6
1955-02-25 Bernard Vasseur Florence, Italy W PTS 8
1955-03-16 Jean Simon II Milan, Italy W KO 4
1955-03-31 Andre Ponceblanc Florence, Italy W PTS 8
1955-04-07 Emil Zangl Milan, Italy W KO 2
1955-04-16 Andre Drapier Milan, Italy W KO 2
1955-05-07 Mohamed Salah Pisa, Italy W KO 2
1955-05-16 Mohammed Taibi Pontedera, Italy W KO 5
1955-05-25 Roger Atlan Torino, Italy W PTS 8
1955-06-13 Ali Amrane Livorno, Italy W PTS 8
1955-07-16 Armand Coullebaut Brescia, Italy W KO 5
1955-08-18 Antonio Lopez Messina, Italy W PTS 8
1955-09-04 Louis Mourros Pontedera, Italy W PTS 8
1955-09-15 Stanislas Pasek Bologna, Italy W PTS 8
1955-10-01 Georges Bracco Milan, Italy W KO 1
1955-10-29 Constant Alcantara Milan, Italy W TKO 6
1955-11-09 Hans Buttermann Roma, Italy W KO 2
1955-12-14 Aristide Dal Piaz Roma, Italy W KO 8
1955-12-26 Gino Rossi Bologna, Italy W PTS 10
1956-03-25 Manuel Ramon Correa Varese, Italy W PTS 10
1956-04-22 Bruno Tripodi Milan, Italy W TKO 12

Italian Middleweight Title
1956-06-16 Serge Leveque Venice, Italy W RTD 6
1956-06-29 Claude Milazzo Roma, Italy W TKO 3
1956-07-18 Umberto Paccagnella Florence, Italy W TKO 4
1956-10-13 Mario Faverzani Milan, Italy W DQ 3

Italian Middleweight Title

1956-10-27 Manuel Martinhera Milan, Italy W KO 1
1957-02-02 Gabriel Assaga Milan, Italy W PTS 10
1957-02-23 Jean Ruellet Milan, Italy W PTS 10
1957-05-07 Ahmed Boulgroune Bologna, Italy W PTS 10
1957-06-24 Andre Drille Paris, France L KO 10
1957-10-16 Ilde Warusfel Milan, Italy W TKO 2
1957-11-30 Heinz Sattler Milan, Italy W KO 4



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