The dreams of Sandro are many, his tenacity allowed to realize varied one amount, his career is a testimony. Sandro has fact all and defeated, to the appeal the realization was all only missing of a biography book turned to the old and in particular to the young generations, more and more prey of the dangers hidden in every attitude of the modern living; he has realized such enterprise in 1993 writing "Pugni Amari" and has demonstrated also in literary field the winning nature that it only belongs to the champions like Mazzinghi. The inspiration is been born from wanting to constitute a valid instruction to the young people, so that they succeed to react with firmness, dignity and honesty to the adverse fate, but also and above all to the ingratitude.

It is the history sometimes extraordinary and sometimes very bitter of a man that the nature has created for the boxing and that, on the ring, has fought and defeated the poverty, the diseases and the destiny.

It constitutes a window opened on the little and big business and the little and big cheats, constitutes, a journey in the Italy of the boom between the already famous political men and boxers of extraordinary share.
"Pugni Amari" is above all the history of a man who knew the misery in the Tuscany of the post-war period, that, still unknown, humiliated the champion of France, and that he went and took again it in head to the world that title the scoffing destiny had pulled up him in the '65 against Nino Benvenuti.
Whoever has read and reads "Pugni Amari", will listen to the expressions of his bitterness, his dramas and his pains, the enthusiasm of his enterprises and his conquests and will understand that Sandro Mazzinghi has been and is a being like us: sensitive, full of aspirations, pushed from the same ideals and the same hopes of the honest men.


Actually Sandro has published his second book: "Sul tetto del mondo". It's a kind of diary of border of the behind the scenes of every one of his matches.

"Mazzinghi l'atleta due volte Campione del Mondo, Mazzinghi l'imbattibile, Mazzinghi il gladiatore del ring, Mazzinghi l'eroe. Fin qui parla la storia..."

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It has had 3 editions and has won:

-1° class. al "Bancarella Sport" di Pontremoli
-1° class. al 28° "Premio Coni" di Roma
-1° class. al "Farabolina" carnevale di Viareggio
-1° classificato alla rassegna "Sport Film Festival" di Palermo con il "Paladino d'Oro"


To complete the literary review devoted to Sandro writer, we don't forget of to quote a book writing in the distant 1963 in which the champion makes his experience available illustrating the boxe in to a "boxe manual"


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