Today the "Cyclone of Pontedera" lives in a splendid villa dipped in the green of the Tuscan hills, to the shoulders of the Monte Serra, between secular pines, fruit trees and grapevines. He has defeated nostalgia, the abandonment of all those that went up on its wagon when he was cover man and they came down equally in a hurry when this honest Tuscan understood that the moment to leave everything was come and to dedicate to his family, just here in his splendid house.

It is just in his family the secret of his success after the sports retirement: Marisa, his wife and adviser was alongside always, is the mother of his two sons, David and Simone, the most tenacious supporters of the Champion, that they cure, beyond carrying out the activity of opticians, the public relation of the father in professional and cautious way. All the mornings Sandro every day get's up early, has a rich breakfast, not forgetting the healthy habits when was a boxer, a hour of exercises in order to conserve to the best his physical shape, then dedicates the rest of his day to the preferred of his hobbies: the grapevines!

He takes care of them in first person, he attends and checks branch for branch every plant and only after his "yes" the workers can proceed; such love and dedication is repayed after the grape harvest, when the nectar is transformed in wine, a wine that only in few can taste, Sandro only produces it for himself and for his more beloveds friends, but it is very disposed to offer a glass to everybody goes to meet him.

Whoever goes to find our Champion, cannot not remain struck from the vastness of trophies, images, filmed sequences at the Mazzinghi's home, so many that has become necessary to prepare a wing of the house only for this. Among the multiple prizes, it issues very prestigious and recent one: the San Valentino d' Oro, received in Terni.
Today continuous to being a clean and honest man who has not never accepted the compromises, those compromises that would perhaps have allowed it to have more during his career but they would have scored him with this "brand" for ever.

Anyway he is glad about how his life has gone, about him it can be said only well, has not sold the soul to the devil, is a free man and can walk with the head high, the times of the controversies is ended, is time for him to collect the fruits of his tenacity and patience that will not be late to arrive; in the meantime, and this likes or not, he always remains on the Roof of the World!



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