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edited by Ugo Russo -Radiorai- Edition edited by Michelangelo Corazza.
Mazzinghi the athlete twice Champion of the World, Mazzinghi the unbeatable one, Mazzinghi the gladiator of the ring, Mazzinghi the hero.
Until now speaks the history.
All we can read and to know the adventurous enterprises of the Pontedera's boxer that has inflamed the impassioned of boxe, from the radios, from the newspapers, from the television of all over the world.

But that's all? One day a wise author wrote: "THE HEART OF A MAN IS ABLE TO BE MORE HARD THAN A STONE",
to point out how lots are the emotions, the sufferings, the disappointments that the best men close, as within to a fortitude, and they don't let slip out to the outside. Painful memoirs that have the ability to make a great man.

Really these fragments of past, these emotions, these sufferings borne in silence, today constitute the fulcrum of the new literary work of a big Champion written in form of private diary to the times of the big sporting enterprises and now proposed in a publishing form.
In the years of the battles it was ready to give his blood for his fans, now he has chosen to open his heart to us: Good Reading!

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